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White-Collar Criminal Defense

Choose A Raleigh White-Collar Crime Lawyer To Protect Your Rights

Since 1978, Cheshire Parker Schneider has handled complex fraud and other white-collar criminal investigations in the federal and state courts nationwide. Our white-collar defense team assists businesses, business leaders, professionals, executives and elected officials accused of fraud, securities crimes, corporate breaches and political corruption. We also work to avoid asset forfeiture that often accompanies such investigations. Our clients have included congressmen, governors, and other political and government figures, as well as prominent members of the entertainment, banking, healthcare and business communities.

The members of our team handle our cases with discretion, professionalism and diligence and to effectively guide you through the difficult process. Our attorneys work closely with our professional licensing defense section to reduce the collateral damage that often accompanies white-collar crime accusations.

Avoiding Criminal Charges at the Investigation Stage

Even the accusation of criminal activity can have adverse consequences on your career, reputation and financial health. In some cases, you may be able to avoid charges from being filed against you by retaining a white-collar crime lawyer at the early stages of an investigation. Contrary to the myth, consulting with a lawyer does not make you appear guilty. If you are the focus of an investigation, they already suspect you, so protecting your rights should be your primary concern.

A seemingly, innocuous email, recorded comment or simple document could, in fact, prove detrimental to your case. We have the experience and resources to advise you about what information investigators are entitled to. Our lawyers consult with highly respected and qualified forensic accounting experts and investigators, many with former law enforcement experience, to thoroughly analyze the prosecution’s evidence and to build an affirmative defense to potential charges.

If appropriate to your case, we may help steer the investigation toward a civil lawsuit as an alternative to criminal charges and the potential for lengthy imprisonment if you are convicted.

Protecting Your Assets from Forfeiture

Law enforcement often seizes property and funds before criminal charges are even filed using seizure warrants and lis pendens on properties. Even after your charges have been dismissed or you are found innocent of the offense, the process can put the burden on you to seek return of your own property. Our Raleigh attorneys take decisive legal actions to prevent forfeiture of your property without due process and we pursue full and timely return of your assets.

Lodge a Strong Defense Against White-Collar Crime Accusations

Retain an attorney as soon as you believe you are being investigated for a white-collar crime. You can schedule an appointment by calling Cheshire Parker Schneider at (919) 833-3114, or by contacting us online now.


Our Raleigh white-collar attorneys represent clients in the following areas, among others:

Our team of attorneys have developed extensive experience across the full spectrum of governmental and corporate inquiries including: Grand Jury, Government Ethics and Regulatory Investigations; Trials, Arbitration and Mediation; Asset Forfeiture Defense; and False Claims Act, Qui Tam and Whistleblower Cases.

Grand Jury, Government Ethics and Regulatory Investigations

Federal criminal investigations often begin with grand jury investigations, and targets of federal investigations generally learn about the investigation by receiving either a grand jury subpoena or a federal target letter.  Similarly, government ethics and other regulatory investigations–such as IRS and North Carolina Department of Revenue inquiries–typically begin with letters of notice that give the target an opportunity to respond.  The receipt of these documents cannot be taken lightly, and a quick response by an experienced white-collar lawyer is necessary to increase the chances of avoiding criminal charges, forfeitures, fines, and other potential penalties.

Trials, Arbitration and Mediation

Our defense lawyers are considered some of the top trial lawyers in North Carolina.  The chair of our white-collar defense section, Joe Cheshire, has been twice recognized as the Top Lawyer in North Carolina by SuperLawyers.com and is a member of the American College of Trial Lawyers.  Our other members have been recognized repeatedly in Best Lawyers in America, SuperLawyers, Business NC Legal Elite, and numerous other associations and rating agencies for obtaining outstanding results in white-collar, regulatory and administrative cases.

When an appropriate or acceptable resolution cannot be reached, we utilize technology and our extensive experience to develop and present an aggressive defense and to minimize personal and professional harm.

Asset Forfeiture Defense

With increasing regularity, the government is seizing assets–even when no charges are brought–and putting the burden on you to get your money or property back. Deadlines are short and firm, and the procedures are often confusing and complex. Acting quickly to find legal representation and develop a defense strategy is critical to mounting an effective defense and to protecting your hard-earned assets.

Without a deep knowledge of the many federal and state statutes and administrative regulations controlling asset forfeiture actions, it is difficult for lawyers to get up to speed in time to develop an effective asset forfeiture defense strategy. Our Raleigh asset forfeiture lawyers have developed the necessary experience handling civil and criminal forfeiture cases, from filing motions to return seized assets and petitions for remission of property to contesting the forfeiture of property in numerous contexts.

And the Raleigh asset forfeiture lawyers at Cheshire Parker Schneider, PLLC, have been highly successful in litigating asset forfeiture matters. For example, our Raleigh asset forfeiture lawyer Elliot Sol Abrams recently won the release of over $2 million in assets seized by the government in a federal asset forfeiture matter.

Although every case is different, if you or your business is facing an asset forfeiture action, make sure to hire an experienced Raleigh asset forfeiture lawyer.

False Claims Act, Qui Tam and Whistleblower Cases

Whenever a business submits a document to the federal government, the potential for a federal investigation attaches under the False Claims Act.  Whistleblowers who expose false claims by businesses to the federal government stand to profit substantially, and businesses whose employees allege a False Claims Act violation can be subject to substantial civil and criminal penalties.  As with all white-collar cases, quick and effective response is key.  Our False Claims Act, Qui Tam, and Whistleblower lawyers have developed decades of experience in these matters through the successful litigation of these matters.


Motions Practice in White-Collar Criminal Defense Cases

White-collar criminal defense cases often involve complex theories of prosecution, which are typically charged as crimes under vague laws that can be read to cover both legal and illegal conduct.  For this reason, pre-trial motions are of major importance.  Our attorneys have developed extensive experience litigating pre-trial matters in these types of cases.  Below are a few examples of motions that our criminal defense lawyers consider filing in white-collar cases.


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