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Motions to Suppress

Our Raleigh Drug Crime Lawyers often file motions to suppress in both state and federal drug crime cases.

A motion to suppress seeks to prevent the prosecution–either the district attorney or the Assistant United States Attorney–from introducing certain evidence at trial.  For example, if the police enter your house without a warrant and without your consent, there is a strong chance that this conduct violated the Fourth Amendment, and anything the police find during an illegal search, as well as any additional evidence uncovered as a result of that illegal search, may be subject to suppression.

Because the government’s case in a drug crime prosecution often turns on whether a person was caught in possession of drugs, motions to suppress can be very effective in defending against drug crime prosecutions.

Of course, every case is different, but it is important to hire a Raleigh drug crime lawyer with experience filing and litigating motions to suppress if you are charged with a drug crime in Raleigh or the surrounding area.

Below are links to a motion to suppress and a reply to the federal government’s response to that motion.

See Examples of Motions to Suppress filed by Our Raleigh Drug Crime Lawyers

* NOTE: Every case is different, so motions that are appropriate in one case may not be available in another.

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