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Election Law, Campaign Finance & Government Ethics Investigations

Over the last decade, criminal investigation of wrongdoing by public officials has shifted from the more traditional focus on bribery and kickbacks into the realm of election law, campaign finance, and government ethics. Enhanced campaign finance and disclosure requirements, along with stricter ethics rules and punishments, have combined with increased and often politically motivated scrutiny of public officials to create yet another sacrifice–and potential peril–of public service.

Whether it’s on the front end, when our clients are mapping out a strategy to enter or remain in public office, or on the back end, when they are facing scrutiny from ethics or law enforcement officials, our lawyers have represented numerous public officials and political figures. In addition to developing proactive legal and ethical compliance strategies, we also have significant experience representing high-profile individuals, including state and federal elected officials.

We have developed a political law practice designed to avoid scandal and prioritize the protection of our clients’ reputations, positions, and, in the unavoidable event of a criminal prosecution, their freedom.


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