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Criminal Appeals Attorneys and Post-Conviction Lawyers

Our North Carolina criminal appeals attorneys and post-conviction lawyers have extensive experience defending people after they have been convicted of crimes and working to get those convictions overturned.  Criminal appeals attorneys must have the necessary experience litigating cases at all stages, but must also have the time and focus required to review the full record to look for any potential avenues of attacking the conviction.

From filing and arguing direct appeals in the appellate courts, to conducting post-conviction investigations and litigating motions for appropriate relief, our lawyers know how and when to fight for a second chance for our clients. In addition to knowledge of the complex rules of appellate and post-conviction litigation, we have the passion and creativity necessary to develop compelling arguments to judges in state and federal courts.

A conviction or judgment is often the end of the legal process, but our appellate and post-conviction lawyers work very hard, depending on the circumstances of each case, to make it a new beginning.

Extensive Experience Successfully Appealing Convictions

Below are a few examples of cases in which our North Carolina criminal appeals attorneys and post-conviction lawyers have successfully challenged cases after conviction.  Please note that the specific cases referenced below do not represent all of the cases Cheshire Parker Schneider has handled, and past results do not guarantee similar outcomes in future cases. Every case is unique.









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