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Should You Hire a New Lawyer for Your Criminal Appeal?

If you were convicted at trial, this does not necessarily mean that your case is over. You could have grounds to file an appeal; and, if you do, it is important that you hire a lawyer to help you enforce your legal and Constitutional rights.

But, this raises an important question: Should you keep going with your trial counsel, or should you hire a new lawyer for your criminal appeal?

Why You May Want to Retain Your Trial Counsel

In certain circumstances, it will make the most sense for the lawyer who represented you at trial to represent you during your appeal. For example, this may be your best option if:

Why You May Want to Hire a New Lawyer for Your Appeal

However, in some cases, hiring a new appellate lawyer will be your best (and possibly your only) option. Some of the reasons to seek new representation for your criminal appeal include:

Discuss Your Case With a Raleigh Criminal Appeal Attorney Today

If you were convicted of a crime in North Carolina and would like more information about your right to appeal, we encourage you to contact us for a consultation. We can fully explore your grounds for appeal, and we can help you decide whether it makes sense to retain your trial counsel or hire a new appellate attorney. To discuss your case in confidence with an appeals lawyer at our offices in Raleigh, NC, please call (919) 833-3114 or request an appointment online today.

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