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Pre-Trial Publicity

As criminal defense attorneys know, one of the great myths about media and the criminal justice system is that, while defense lawyers are running a round out there, preening for the cameras on the courthouse steps and trying their high-profile cases in the media, prosecutors and their teams stand stoically and silently by, “muzzled,” as a Raleigh newspaper columnist wrote earlier this year, “by prosecutorial ethics.” Of course, like so many other myths and legends, the reality is much different.

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Advocating For Those Left Behind

On October 1, 2004, the new pretrial discovery laws for felony criminal cases went into effect. By enacting the new discovery rules in criminal cases, the North Carolina General Assembly recognized the problems of evidence being withheld in violation of Brady v. Maryland and the prosecutorial misconduct plaguing the criminal justice system in North Carolina.

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Cheshire defends the rights of those in big trouble

Raleigh attorney Joe Cheshire has added a Wilmington builder to his long list of distinguished – and sometimes checkered – clients.

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Nationally known criminal defense attorney Joe Cheshire talks about his colorful career

When he was young, Joe Cheshire wanted to be a teacher and a coach.

“Those are my real loves,” he said, “to work with young people.”

But Cheshire chose another direction in life, and those with whom he has crossed paths are thankful that he did. Cheshire ([Wake Forest Class of] ’73), a Raleigh-based and nationally known criminal-defense attorney, on Tuesday, March 30, visited Wake Forest University as part of the “A Conversation With” series. The series, celebrating its 10th anniversary, is sponsored by the School of Law.

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Brady v Maryland and Its Legacy

John Brady was 25 years old when he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. He had bounced around from job to job and engaged in an affair with another man’s wife, Nancy Boblit Magowan, and was dealing with the fact that she was pregnant with his child. On June 22, 1958, Brady gave Nancy a post-dated check for $35,000 and told her he would have that amount of money within the next two weeks.

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Top 10 North Carolina Super Lawyers 2013 Top List

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